Add a Component to a Bill of Materials

Step 1

When new manufacturer and/or supplier components are added to the component library, they may need to be added to an existing Bill of Materials (BOM), perhaps as a second source, or as a replacement or alternative for an existing component. This example shows how to add a manufacturer component; the process is the same for a supplier component. Open the BOM, find the parent base component and from the right-click popup menu select the option to add the manufacturer component from the library.

Step 2

All manufacturer components that can be added to the selected base component in the BOM will be shown in a dialog box. If the component doesn't appear in the dialog box, check that it is linked to the base component in the component library, that it has not already been added to the BOM and it has not been removed (to view components which have been removed from a BOM, use the options toolbar button to show deleted BOM links). Check the checkbox of the component(s) to be added to the BOM, and click update.

Step 3

After the component has been successfully added, the BOM navigator will be automatically refreshed.


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