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Ciiva develops and supplies electronic component management solutions.

It does this in the following ways:

Ciiva SmartParts Search

  • The online parametric search engine provides instant access to information, including real time pricing and availability, second sources, and lifecycle state for tens of millions of components. Documentation, including datasheets and application notes, can be accessed with a single click, with direct links to supplier websites.
  • Go to to start searching, you'll find the search engine at the bottom of the page.

Ciiva SmartParts Analysis *

  • Powered by an Intelligent Content Detector, the SmartParts analysis engine performs a sophisticated analysis of each part in the design, parsing all available parametric component data, applying both analytical and heuristic techniques that are then used to guide the Ciiva Online Search. The results are presented in a parts document inside your ECAD design environment. Once the designer is satisfied with the component choices, this data can be pushed back into the schematic components.

Ciiva SmartParts Management *

  • You've analyzed your design and verified the chosen SmartParts, now use the SmartParts Management feature to push those validated parts into your own cloud-based Vault. The ECAD component details are uploaded to an Altium Vault, each linked to the chosen Ciiva SmartPart.

* Ciiva SmartParts technology is only available for Altium Designer 17. As deprecated technology, it is not available for Altium Designer 18, or later.

Ciiva SmartParts in Altium Designer

Ciiva SmartParts Analysis and Management is delivered in Altium Designer as an extension. The following pages explain: how to install and configure the extension, and how to use the Ciiva SmartParts Analysis and Management technology.

Other Ciiva Technologies

  • Cloud Based Bill of Materials Software – BOM Management System
  • Component Data Application Programming Interface (API) - Ciiva also has a rich Application Programming Interface, providing programmatic access to the Ciiva Cloud Database. This is the database used to power the Ciiva Electronic Component Search Engine at, and is also used by the Ciiva Bill of Materials Management System (BMMS) and the Ciiva SmartParts technology. Contact us to learn more about the API.


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