Cloud Based BOM Management System

Ciiva Cloud-based BOM Analysis and Generation

With the Ciiva cloud-based BOM Management Software, all of your Bill of Materials are controlled in one centralized database, shared with whoever and whatever needs it. You have complete revision control and 100% traceability.

The BOM analysis and generation is performed on, using data that you have loaded into the Ciiva client. The client is downloaded and installed on your PC. The client interacts seemlessly with the cloud-based search and analysis engine, allowing you to easily check the assigned parts, and change them where needed.

The Three Tier Component Model

Main article: Three Tier Component Model

All Ciiva technology is built on a concept called the three tier component model. This model neatly resolves the dilemma where companies managing bill of materials often have their own internal part numbering system they use to refer to a specific component, and similarly, manufacturers and suppliers also maintain their own part numbering system. By using a three tiered structure, it is possible to accurately represent and manage component second source, substitution and many-to-many relationships between them.

The three types of component in the three tier component model are referred to as Base, Manufacturer and Supplier components. In Ciiva, they can be easily identified through the use of different icon colours which are blue, orange and green respectively.

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Features at a Glance

Electronic Component Database & BOM Management
  • Secure server storage with individual user logins
  • Information synchronized between users in real-time
  • Always working with up-to-date information
Version Controlled with Full Traceability
  • Every product, component or BOM change is historicized
  • Trace and review every change ever made
  • Product, component and BOM data available offline
Lifecycle, Pricing Availability & Alternatives
  • Instantly search lifecycle status for millions of components
  • Real-time pricing and availability information
  • Second source possibilities provided for all search queries
Custom Attributes & Enumerations
  • Customize attributes for storing additional information
  • Support for a range of data types including enumerations
  • All custom attribute information is version controlled
Simple Data Import & Export
  • Easily import component and BOM data from existing sources
  • Export BOM data to Microsoft Excel
  • Add new components to the library from Cloud search results
Compare, Filter Relationships & Storage
  • Duplicate BOMs, clone components, instantly apply filters
  • Instantly see what components are used on which products
  • Create component wishlists for instant pricing and availability
  • Document storage for technical and compliance information

List of Features

A summary of each feature available in the Ciiva Cloud-based BOM Generation software.

List of Workflows

A summary of each of the workflows available in the Ciiva Cloud-based BOM Generation software.

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