Apply Filters

Step 1

Filters are supported in a variety of different controls including the component library navigator, Bill of Materials navigator, wish list navigator and lifecycle navigator. Filters are applied to specific attributes and are created by entering a filter string into one or more of the filter text box controls which are present in the column headers.

Step 2

The navigators generally contain a mixture of different types of items. The attribute to which a filter is applied is therefore dependent on the type of item you wish to filter.  Filters can only be applied to one type of item at a time. The attribute to which the filter will be applied is shown in the column header (e.g. manufacturer part number). To change the filter item type, change the item selection or use filter button to show the attribute selector popup.

Step 3

When the attribute you wish to filter on is shown in the column header, enter a filter string into the text box control and the filter will be applied as you type.

Step 4

To clear the applied filters, click the clear filters button in the toolbar.


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