Vault Configuration



The Vault Configuration dialog is used to configure the numbering pattern used for new components, when they are added as Items to an Altium Vault. Components and models can be added to the Vault when the Ciiva Smart Parts Management feature is used from within a Ciiva PartsDoc. To learn more about the Ciiva Smart Parts Management feature, refer to the Managing your Smart Parts - Synchronizing to the Vault content.


To open the dialog, click the Auto-Part Number button in the Ciiva - General page of the Preferences dialog.


Formula Definition Help - Tags and Tokens

This region of the dialog displays details of the available tags and tokens that can be used by the automatic part (Item) number generator. The tags are used to define the behavior of each section of the part number, with each tag delimited by {} braces. The tokens are used to define how a tag is to behave, such as autoinc (auto-increment), or sX (start from value X). Using a consistent naming scheme for Vault Items (parts) helps keep the Vault contents manageable. 

Create Example Formula - click this to create an example formula in the Human Readable Identifier (HRID) formula section of the dialog.

Formula Definition for Auto-Part Number Generation

Enter the numbering formula into the Human Readable Identifier (HRID) formula field. If you are editing the current formula, click anywhere else in the field to update the examples.

Formula Parsing Error Information

Check that your formula has no errors before clicking OK to close the dialog.


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