Compare Differences Between Bill of Materials

Step 1

Click the compare button in the main toolbar to open a new Bill of Materials (BOM) comparison window.

Step 2

The BOM comparison section contains a split pane, each side showing an instruction to drag a BOM into it.

Step 3

From the product version navigator, use the mouse to drag and drop each of the two product versions you want to compare. The differences between the two BOMs will be calculated and the comparison results will be shown in a hierarchical tree view.

Step 4

An orange exclamation icon indicates a difference in component attributes between BOMs. A red minus icon indicates that the the component is present in the left-most BOM, but missing in the right-most BOM. Similarly, a blue addition icon indicates that the component is missing in the left-most BOM, but present in the right-most BOM. A green checkmark icon indicates no differences are present.


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