Component Library ODBC

Step 1

Component Library ODBC is designed to enabling synchronisation between the component library and an ODBC data source. Click the user settings toolbar button and select the ODBC configuration tab to access the configuration settings.

Step 2

By default, ODBC component library support is disabled, and must be enabled before the data source can be created.

Step 3

Synchronisation between the component library and the data source can be configured to occur when an update is made to the component library, periodically or manually.

Step 4

Some third party applications may have restrictions on the field names, and therefore which spaces and non-alphanumeric characters can be automatically removed.

Step 5

It may not be desirable to include data for all components types, and all attributes for a specific component type, in the created data source. The user settings allow this to be easily configured. An example is where a CAE tool may only need to know about base components, in which case only the base component data needs to be included in the data source.

Step 6

Enable the include primary key option to include primary key information in the external data source, providing a unique reference for each table row in the data source. As all component data is revision controlled, this primary key value will change for a specific component when changes to that components attributes are made. To keep the same primary key for a specific component independent of any changes that are made to its attributes, enable the use revisioned primary key option.

Step 7

To save the ODBC configuration settings, click the save changes toolbar button. To synchronise the component library with the ODBC data source, click the ODBC synchronise toolbar button.


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