Create All Supplier Components from Online Search

Step 1

To start the process of adding supplier components to all manufacturer components, click the Search & Add button on the main toobar.

Step 2

The online search can be used to find all available supplier components, for all manufacturer components in the component library, which can then be added in a single operation to the library. As this can take a few minutes, depending on the number of manufacturer components in the library, a dialog prompt will prompt for confirmation to start the search. Search progress can be monitored in the progress bar.

Step 3

During the search process, if a supplier name doesn't exist for any of the components to be created, then you will be prompted to either add them or select alternative names. A dialog box will then appear showing the supplier components that will be added to the component library.

Step 4

A green check mark icon is shown for existing components and a blue addition icon for components pending addition. Attribute values can be modified in the properties page. To ignore a supplier component uncheck the associated checkbox.


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