Create Components from the Online Search

Step 1

You can search for components in the cloud using manufacturer or supplier name and/or part number. Most searches will take less than a second, and adding components to the component library from the search results is very simple. Enter the search term as shown in the below example and click the search button.

Step 2

Search results which match the search term are shown in the matched components tabbed page. Potential alternative components to the matched search results are shown in the alternative components tabbed page.

Step 3

In the list of matched components, right-click on the manufacturer component and select either the option to add the components to the library or create a new base component and add the components to the library. The manufacturer component must be linked to a base component, and selecting to only add the components to the library will force you to select an existing base component to link to.

Step 4

If a manufacturer or supplier name doesn't exist for any of the components to be created, then you will be prompted to either add them or select alternative names. A dialog box will then appear showing the components that will be added or updated to the component library.

Step 5

A green check mark icon is shown for existing components, a blue addition icon for components pending addition, and a pink addition icon for attributes pending update. Attribute values can be modified in the properties page. To ignore a supplier component uncheck the associated checkbox. The price attribute will be updated with real time data if configured to do so in the user settings.

Step 6

After the components have been successfully added or updated, the component library navigator will be automatically refreshed.


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