Create an Order from a BOM

Step 1

Open the BOM from which the order is to be created.

Step 2

Click the create quote toolbar button. It should be noted at this point that the quote feature will only use supplier component data which is included in the BOM. Hence, if a supplier component is not included in the BOM for a particular manufacturer component, then no pricing data for that supplier component will be shown. The search && add feature can be used to automatically add supplier components to the component library, which can then be added to the BOM using the add components feature.

Step 3

If real-time pricing and availabiliy information is required and it is not automatically populated when the quote is created (this is configurable in the user settings), click the update price && stock toolbar button to query for the real time data.

Step 4

With the required pricing and availability information populated, the order quantity multiplier can be adjusted as required.

Step 5

If one or more stock level attributes have been configured in the user settings, then the stock column will be updated to show stock level if the option to use existing stock is enabled.

Step 6

To disable the use of stock values in the quotation, disable the using existing stock option. Any existing stock levels will be zeroed and the required quantity will be set to the total quantity.

Step 7

If there is any stock remaining after existing stock has been used to fulfil total order quantites, then the residual quantity will reflect this remaining stock level.

Step 8

Once the quote has been configured as required, with the required supplier components selected (refer to the workflow "Configure Supplier Components" for more information), then the order can be created from the configured manufacturer and supplier component data.

Step 9

Once the order has be created, the order and build navigator will be opened and the order will be added to the list of orders. Expand the order to see the list of order items that were created directly from the quotation.


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