Create and Update Quotation Pricing Matrix

Step 1

The source for price comparison can be either a Bill of Materials (BOM) or a wish list. Ensure that the source is selected in the document tab and click the create quote button in the toolba

Step 2

A new quote will be created and added to the tabbed document control. The quotation pricing matrix contains a list of manufacturer components organised by category, followed by the order quantity. An new column is added for each component supplier. Where a supplier component exists for a manufacturer component, a purchase information cell is created containing pricing and availability information. Real time information updates are started automatically (if configured to do so in the user settings), shown by an animated icon for each purchase information object.

Step 3

As the purchase information cells are updated with real time pricing and availability information, the optimal purchase information cell is selected based on stock level, MOQ and price. The optimal cell is shown with a user defined background colour. If any other purchase information cell is selected, the the background colour is changed to a different user defined colour. An orange exclamation or blue or green check mark icon indicates the availability of real time information.

Step 4

You can re-trigger a real time query for individual purchase information objects by clicking on the status icon. The icon will revert back to the animated update icon while the query is in progress.

Step 5

Purchase information cells can be expanded to show more detail when the expand button in the top left of the cell is clicked. Additional information includes MOQ, stock, part number information and price breaks (price information for current quantity and next closest higher and lower price break quantities). If a supplier has multiple components, then the supplier part number can be changed using the part number selector popup.

Step 6

To restart the real time information query for all components in the purchase comparison matrix, click the update button in the toolbar.


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