Ciiva Analysis

The Ciiva Analysis panel gives feedback on the costings, supplier breakdown and the supplier settings, for the current CiivaBOM.


The Ciiva Analysis panel gives an overview of the total cost of the parts used on the board for the defined batch size, which is also graphed over different production volumes. It also shows a breakdown of which supplier's are being used to source the parts, and a summary of the lifecycle state of those parts. It is also used to configure which suppliers are used for the current CiivaBOM.


To open the Ciiva Analysis panel:

  • Click on the System button on the lower right hand side of the application, and select Ciiva Analysis from the menu that appears, or
  • Click View » Workspace Panels » System » Ciiva Analysis.

Panel content and Use

The panel has two tabs, General and Supply. Click to select the required tab at the bottom of the panel.

General Tab


This section displays the cost to purchase the parts from the chosen suppliers. Enter the number of units being built in the Batch Size field, the Unit Cost and Total Cost are automatically re-calculated when you do this.

Select your preferred Currency from the list. Available currencies are downloaded from the Ciiva server when the software is started, and the selected currency and applicable exchange rate are saved in the CiivaBOM.

Cost Summary

This region presents a comparative graph of prices, showing how the price changes with different Batch Sizes.

Lifecycle Summary

This region displays a graph of the lifecycle state of all parts in the CiivaBOM, use this to quickly identify if there are parts that might have supply issues. If there are, sort the CiivaBOM by the Lifecycle Status column (click once in the column heading), to cluster the parts by their lifecycle status, making it easy to locate the parts of interest. Alternatively, enter a string into Lifecycle Status column filter box, such as obsolete, or not recommended, to quickly locate parts with that status.

Supply Chain Tab

Supplier Configuration

Enable a supplier checkbox to include that supplier in the search results. The CiivaBOM is updated as soon as a change is made, note that you will need to review the BOM to ensure that all parts still have a supplier. The default set of suppliers are defined in the Ciiva - General page of the Preferences dialog.

Supplier Source Summary

This region displays a graph that shows what percentage of parts come from each supplier.


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