Document Linking

Step 1

Documents can be linked to a range of different items including components, products and product versions. Documents are normally linked through the document control which can be found in the item property pages. This example shows how to link a document to a base component. Click the blue addition icon in the document control to open the add document dialog.

Step 2

Select the document to be added and click the update button. Double-clicking the file in the add document dialog will cause it to be opened.

Step 3

The document control will be automatically updated to show the added document. Double-click to open the document, or alternatively right-click and select the edit option.

Step 4

To remove the document link from the item, right-click and select the delete option. This does not delete the file in the document manager, and it is still available to be used again.


You are reporting an issue with the following selected text and/or image within the active document: