Import with only Supplier Components

Step 1

Start the data import feature by clicking the data import toolbar button. Determine whether a BOM is to be created, or whether only the component library will be updated from the import data source. Refer to the applicable workflows 'Import to Component Library (No BOM)' or 'Import a Bill of Materials' as required.

Step 2

When only supplier components exist in the import data source, the Ciiva Cloud database must be used to help automatically create the base and manufacturer components that are required to successfully update the component library and create a BOM. To do this, configure the importer to ignore base and manufacturer components and to process supplier components. The check boxes telling the importer to automatically create base components and to search the Cloud for the required manufacturer components must also be checked.

Step 3

The import source data, at a minimum, must include supplier name and supplier part number information. These attributes must be mapped to the corresponding attribute names in the import source. Click the 'Create Preview' toolbar button to create the preview.

Step 4

When the preview is created, the Cloud database will be queried for the supplier components in the import data source. If the Cloud database contains a supplier component, then the manufacturer and base components will be automatically created. The part number for the base component will be taken from the manufacturer component part number.

Step 5

If a supplier component cannot be found in the Cloud database, then a dialog box will be shown to report any such components. At this stage the import can be aborted or continued, with the not found supplier components being ignored. Care should be taken to ensure that all components are correctly imported when creating a BOM, otherwise the BOM may be missing components and therefore not be complete.


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