Import without Base Components

Step 1

Start the data import feature by clicking the data import toolbar button. Determine whether a BOM is to be created, or whether only the component library will be updated from the import data source. Refer to the applicable workflows 'Import to Component Library (No BOM)' or 'Import a Bill of Materials' as required. If the data source only contains supplier component information, please refer to the workflow 'Import With Only Supplier Components'.

Step 2

Where base components don't exist in the import data source, they can be automatically generated using the manufacturer component part numbers. If a company does not have its own part numbering system, then using the manufacturer component part number is the most straight forward option. The base component part number can be automatically created as part of the import process. To do this, configure the importer to ignore base components and create new base components using the manufacturer component part number.

Step 3

The import source data, at a minimum, must include manufacturer name and manufacturer part number information. These attributes must be mapped to the corresponding attribute names in the import source. Click the 'Create Preview' toolbar button to create the preview.

Step 4

When the preview is created, the base component will be automatically created with the part number copied from the manufacturer component part number.


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