Link or Unlink a Component

Step 1

Existing manufacturer and supplier components can be linked with existing base and manufacturer components respectively by right-clicking on component you wish to link to and selecting the add component option.

Step 2

Multiple manufacturer or supplier components can be linked at once by checking the associated check boxes in the component add dialog. Filters can also be applied to easily find the required components. Click update to add and create the new links.

Step 3

Manufacturer components can be unlinked from base components, and supplier components can be unlinked from manufacturer components by right-clicking on the component and selecting the unlink component option.

Step 4

To view deleted component links, check the show deleted links option on the options toolbar button. Deleted links are identified by a broken link icon.

Step 5

To relink a component after it has been unlinked, right-click and select the relink component option.


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