Merge a Base Component

Step 1

Merging base components can be very useful in helping to eliminate duplicate components and maintaining a high quality component library. Merging involves taking a source component and merging it into a target component. During the merge, the source component is deleted. When any Bill of Materials which use the source component are updated, the source component is replaced with the target component. To start a merge, select the source base component, right-click and select the merge option.

Step 2

Select the target base component from the base component dialog. In this example, a filter has been applied to make finding the target component easy. Select the component and click update.

Step 3

In the base component merge dialog, select the component attributes which will be used by the target component. Differences in attributes between the source and target components are shown with an orange exclamation icon.

Step 4

As the source base component is deleted after it has been merged, to view it you will need to enable show deleted components in the options toolbar menu. Merged components can be identified by a blue merge arrow.


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