Remove or Restore a Component in a Bill of Materials

Step 1

It may be desirable to remove a specific manufacturer or supplier component from a BOM, while maintaining the relationship in the component library. This might be to prevent a specific supplier component from being sourced for a particular BOM, or blocking a manufacturer component from being used as a second source. To remove a manufacturer component from the BOM, right-click on the component and select the remove manufacturer component option.

Step 2

Once the manufacturer component has been successfully removed, the BOM navigator will be automatically refreshed, and the component will no longer be visible. To view components which have been removed from a BOM, use the options toolbar button to show deleted BOM links. Removed components can be identified by a deleted link icon.

Step 3

With deleted BOM links visible, it is possible to restore the manufacturer component by right-clicking on it and selecting the restore option. Any supplier components that were also removed will also be restored.


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