Show the History for a Bill of Materials

Step 1

Open the Bill of Materials (BOM) and click the show history button in the toolbar.

Step 2

The BOM history navigator will be opened and added to the document tab. The history navigator include three sections; the change history, BOM comparison and component comparison.

Step 3

The change history includes the version number of the change, the date/time of the change, the name of the user who made the change and a description of the change. The user name may in some cases be shown as system, especially when using demonstration data. The version numbers are global to the entire database and so are not not in any way related to the number of versions of the BOM.

Step 4

Selecting a entry in the change history will cause the bill of materials comparison to be updated to show the differences between the seelcted BOM version and the latest BOM version.

Step 5

An orange exclamation icon indicates a difference in component attributes between BOM versions. A red minus icon indicates that the the component is present in the left-most BOM version, but missing in the right-most BOM version. Similarly, a blue addition icon indicates that the component is missing in the left-most BOM version, but present in the right-most BOM version. A green checkmark icon indicates no differences are present.


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