Ciiva SmartParts

The success of your project depends on selecting the right components at design time. But with dozens of suppliers to choose from, all providing different metrics and data, it can be challenging to make the right choice.

Rather than spending hours searching through individual supplier databases to find the right part, what if you could find all the parts needed, right from the comfort of your design workspace?

Enter Ciiva SmartParts - a parts location and selection system that finds the best parts for you, right from your design workspace.

There are three ways to work with Ciiva SmartParts:

SmartParts Search  

With Ciiva SmartParts Search, its easy to make the most optimal part choices at the start of your design process, with 1000s of available components from your most trusted suppliers.

The Ciiva parts database puts all the information you need at your fingertips to make the most informed part selections. Accurately predict future part longevity with historical lifecycle data, get real-time pricing and availability from your trusted suppliers, access up-to-date datasheets, and improve your supply chain with verified alternate components.

SmartParts Analysis

Rather than you searching for suitable parts one by one, the Ciiva SmartParts Analysis engine analyzes the entire BOM and locates the most suitable part for each component in your design.

The results are presented in a spreadsheet-like view, which includes full supply chain information from your preferred suppliers, with automatic selection of the best priced, available part. Each part also includes a confidence factor, to help you quickly identify which parts need your attention. As the designer, you can search and change any selected part.

SmartParts Analysis also includes a Cost Estimate Summary, where you can quickly explore the unit cost for a given batch size. Use the Lifecycle Summary to see what proportion of the parts are approaching, or have reached, end of life.

SmartParts Management

Parts management is a key component of every successful team, essential to ensure that your source design components are accurate and up-to-date. But its also the last thing on your mind at the end of a busy day of engineering.  

Ciiva SmartParts management closes the part selection and management loop, with this you can push qualified Ciiva data from your design project back into your parts library, ready for your next project. If you've dreamed of the day you no longer needed to deal with low-level parts management, now you don't have to with Ciiva SmartParts Management.

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