Change Component

The Change Component dialog allows the designer to override the automatically chosen part, for a part of their choosing.


The Change Component dialog is used to select a different part from the one that was automatically chosen when the PartsDoc was created.


To open the Change Component dialog from an:

Existing PartsDoc part - right-click on the part in the PartsDoc and select the Change Manufacturer Component command from the context menu. The dialog will open, displaying the Suggestions tab.

Empty PartsDoc row - if the original analysis failed to find a suitable part, right-click on a cell in that row that contains good data for searching, such as the Description or Comment fields in the Design view, and select the Search Using '<Field String Value>' command. The dialog will open, displaying the Search tab. Since it failed to find a part in the original search, it is likely that a No Results dialog will appear. Click OK to close the dialog, the Change Component dialog will then present with the Search tab active, displaying the string that you searched on. You can now edit that string or enter a new search string. Press Enter on the keyboard or click the search icon at the right-hand end of the search field to perform a new search.


The dialog has 2 distinct regions:

  • List of parts - searched-for or favorite parts are displayed in a spreadsheet-like list in the upper part of the dialog. Use the Mousewheel to scroll up and down the list, hold Shift as you roll to scroll horizontally. Right-click on a part to: place it, add to/remove from Favorites; view details of this part on; or copy the part's attributes onto the Windows clipboard.
  • Details of currently selected part - the lower part of the dialog displays information about the currently selected part. This data is displayed over five tabs: Technical, Supply Chain, ECAD, Alternatives, and Related, which are described below.

Dialog Tabs

The region on the left of the dialog has the following tabs:

  • Search - this tab lists parts returned by the Ciiva search engine that satisfy the search string. Right-click on a part to add it to your Favorites list.
  • Favorites - a user-defined list of parts. Parts are added to the Favorites list via the right-click menu in the search results, and are removed from the Favorites list via the right-click menu in the Favorites tab.
  • Suggestions - when the Intelligent Content Detector (ICD) is attempting to locate a suitable part, a number of candidates with a similar confidence factor may be returned - the Suggestions tab will list these parts. To learn more about the ICD, refer to the page Using Ciiva SmartParts in your Design.

The region on the right of the dialog has the following tabs:

  • Technical - this section of the dialog details the technical properties of the part currently selected in the left side of the Change Component dialog (Search or Favorites tab).
  • Supply Chain - this section displays a graph of the last 3 years of the Lifecycle Status History.
  • ECAD - this section displays the Altium symbol and footprint that have been attached to the Ciiva part currently selected in the upper region of the dialog.
  • Alternatives - this section lists parts that are considered to be alternatives to the Ciiva part currently selected in the upper region of the dialog.
  • Related - this section lists related parts.




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