Design Update

The Design Update dialog is used to configure which parts are to be updated, and what detail is to be added to each.


The Design Update dialog is used to push part assignments back to the source schematic project. The update action can include all parts or individually selected parts, allowing the updates to be performed as a controlled process, as you qualify and accept the found parts. You can also control which of the parts' properties are updated, and which suppliers are to have their details included.


To open the Design Update dialog, select Design » Update Schematics from the menus.


Enable/disable each option using the checkbox. You can also right-click to Select All or De-select All.


This section of the dialog lists all of the parts used in the design. Enable those parts that you wish to update in the schematic.


Add Ciiva ID - this is the identifier of the part in the Ciiva database. If the Ciiva ID is pushed back to the schematic part, then it will be used to located the part in Ciiva during future updates to the PartsDoc (which speeds up the analysis process). If the Ciiva ID is not pushed back to the schematic part, the Intelligent Content Detector (ICD) will perform the full analysis and search during any future updates to the PartsDoc. To learn more about the ICD, refer to the page Using Ciiva SmartParts in your Design.

Add Ciiva Category - enable this option to include the Ciiva category path as a parameter in the schematic component. If this is done, the category is then used to create a suitable Vault folder, when the Update Vault command is used to push the parts into the Vault.

Update Description - enable this option to replace the existing schematic part description with the description from the Ciiva part.

Add Manufacturer Part Information - enable this to include the Manufacturer Name and Manufacturer Part Number as parameters of the schematic part.

Add Preferred Supplier Part Information - enable this to include the details of the supplier chosen in the PartsDoc, as the schematic parameters: Preferred Supplier Name and Preferred Supplier Part Number.

Component Properties

This region displays a list of all of the properties (parameters) included in all of the parts. Enable those properties you wish to have added or updated on the schematic parts. Right-click to Select/Deselect All.

If a property already exists in the schematic part, its value is replaced by the Ciiva value. If a property does not exist in the schematic part, it is added to the part. Existing schematic properties that are not in Ciiva, are not changed or removed.

Supply Chain

Enable those suppliers that you wish to have included in the schematic parts as Supplier n Name and Supplier n PartNumber. For each part, only those suppliers that can supply that part are included, each identified by a unique numerical index. The numerical index is consistent across all parts.

Note that the Add Preferred Supplier Part Information option will also include the supplier details for the supplier that is currently set as the preferred supplier in the PartsDoc, use this option instead if you only need to include the details for the chosen supplier. Right-click to Select/Deselect All.


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