Importing Bill of Materials

Before a Bill of Materials (BOM) is imported, an empty product version must have been created. BOMs are always associated with a specific product version.

The BOM source will normally be the ECAD tool. Once the hardware design has been completed, the BOM will be generated as part of the production data.

At a minimum, the BOM will generally include the reference designators for all instances of a component that is used in a design, and information describing the components themselves, which may be a company part number, a manufacturer part number, a supplier part number, etc.

The import feature which is designed to enable you to easily import BOM data, from sources such as CAE design tools, with ease. The importer will automatically create the required component library entries and BOM.

The importer includes intelligence to automatically find manufacturer component part number information based on supplier part number information, and remember import configurations to help speed up the process of importing multiple BOMs with the same format.

Where components already exist in the component library, the importer can automatically link them in newly imported BOM, so that the CAE tool only needs to contain minimum part information.

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