Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) contains a list of components that are required to manufacture an end product.

A BOM contains a subset of components which are defined in the component library. If a component doesn't exist in the component library, then it cannot exist in a BOM. The component must firstly be created in the component library before it can be added to the BOM.

Relationships between base, manufacturer and supplier components in a BOM can be defined at the BOM level. Components can be “unlinked” from one another, allowing specific second sources or suppliers to be removed from a BOM.

A BOM contains specific versions of components that are defined in the component library. When a component is updated in the component library, then the version of the component in the BOM will remain unchanged, until the BOM is explicitly updated, which can be done for individual components or the entire BOM.

A BOM is defined for specific product version. A product version can only have a single BOM defined for it, and conversely, a BOM can only be created for a specific product version.


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